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EAST ICE X YU [Lock YU Heart]

EAST ICE officially brings our exclusive collection with YU. This collection not only represents the first brand endorsement since YU’s debut, but it is also more of a milestone for YU. As a singer, this is YU’s first collaboration with an accessory brand. Lay back, unconstrained, and gentle. Do you hear the croon, brewing with a salty but fresh sea breeze, from the aqua blue ocean? When you start to imagine, whether there is a gentle young man with a white shirt flashing in your mind? This is YU. As fresh as water, paved with his impregnable volition, there the path towards his dream is shaped.

YU’s spirit of breaking the rules and creating infinite possibilities coincided with the culture of EAST ICE, so he decided to join hands with EAST ICE to bring love and encouragement to more people through our design.

“Lock YU Heart” collection continues using the element of ice, which is the core concept of EAST ICE. Other than that, the element of water is involved since it represents YU. In the early stage of the design, YU spent a lot of time communicating with EAST ICE‘s designing team to articulate his concept visually, he has fully participated in the process of designing and there was no limitation applied. EAST ICE finally decided to combine the elements of the key, lock, and the name of YU together, and the entire collection is based on the core concept of “Lock YU Heart”. In this summer, EAST ICE and YU wish to bring unspeakable love and a spirit of encouragement to all the loved ones.

Every detail in this collection displayed a high standard of accessory design. Emerging in the future and reality, EAST ICE brought the newest collection “Lock Yu Heart” with modern design.

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